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Picture Books   


THE STONEHOOK SCHOONER. Set 100 years ago in a Lake Ontario harbour village during the declining days of the stonehooking industry,The Stonehook Schooner tells the exciting story of one of the last voyages of the schooner 'Hannah May'.  
 "The dramatic paintings are full of motion and the wonderful shades of the sea. This piece of nautical history stands on its own as a story, as well as serving as a beautiful memorial of a trade that is unfamiliar to many." American School Library Journal
 "Mills text is refreshingly generous. Her strength is in illustrating the powerful waters of the mighty Great Lakes. The colour, the sheen of the surface of the water, and the shape of the large waves are all excellent - perfect." Quill and Quire 
 "The author deftly moves from a sense of loss to a sense of new beginnings in this fine book of historical fiction." London Free Press
 "Larger-than-life illustrations help to explain the art of stonehooking and dramatically represent the terrifying experience of being caught in a storm." Kingston Whig Standard
 "A beautiful reminder of a largely forgotten stage in Canadian industrial history." Muskoka Advance 
 "The author recalls the last years of the Great Lakes stone trade through a boy's eyes and aspirations. Beautifully illustrated." Children's Literature Review   
 "The illustrations are marvelously detailed and capture a time and place that is forgotten (or unheard of) by many." Invest in Kids

THE PAINTED CHEST is a story about hope, inspiration and the transformative power of art and is for all who truly believe that we cannot live by bread alone and that the creation of 'food for the spirit' can only enhance and enrich our lives.
"This imaginative tale for young children speaks to the heart and imagination. Mills' fable teaches children that they cannot live by bread alone. Her colourful illustrations are magical, as befits her parable of our need to nourish both body and spirit. Highly recommended." Canadian Book Reviewer's Annual  
"Mills' striking illustrations use startling perspectives and close-ups to convey the fable's message about the transformative power of art." Quill and Quire 
"The pale, austere paintings with which Judith Christine Mills illustrates the first part of her picture book are great conveyors of mood ... an old chest, uncovered in the fields, releases its secrets, and Mills' paintings, now green and "in bloom", reflect the village's change of heart." The Globe and Mail 
"this book, with text and earthy pictures...delights with its tale of downtrodden villagers and how their lives are changed by the discovery of an old chest filled with musical instruments and dancing shoes." Macleans Magazine 
"The Painted Chest contains an important message for all of us. The wonderful illustrations which accompany this inspirational story are the work of the author, who is a talented artist as well as a gifted writer for children." The Telegram- St. John's NFL
"Mills' illustrations beautifully convey the shift from crushing misery to enlightenment and her message will resonate both for busy parents and their children." The New Brunswick Reader 
"It may be an age-old message that we cannot live bread alone, that our souls and spirits need nourishment too, but its relevance doesn't diminish. If you are looking for relief from the daily struggle to get ahead or to make ends meet, perhaps reading The Painted Chest with a child is the right recipe. It's certainly food for thought." The London Free Press
"Windswept bleakness and ceaseless toil surrender to light hearts and lushness as this beautifully illustrated allegory reminds us to make time for music, beauty and the nourishment of our souls." Just One More Book 
"Brilliantly rendered in a transformation from pale watercolours to vibrant acrylics, author and illustrator Judith Christine Mills weaves a simple children's tale into an artistic realm of masterful beauty." Indigo Books 

Young Adult Novels  


CAREW revolves around the capture of an unusual creature in the foothills of the Himalayas, (the 'abode of the gods'), resulting in a series of bizarre and disturbing events around the world. Two quarreling teenagers must join forces against a band of cutthroat wildlife poachers and a maniacal billionaire to rescue the animal and return it to its rightful place before time runs out.
"It(Carew)ranks right up there for excitement and entertainment with Mills' growing list of best selling and critically acclaimed stories, including her recently well-received 'The Strange Voyage of The Raconteur'. Books in Canada 
"Adventure and mystery abound in this fine story. It contains adventure, exotic location, and concern about the environment. Carew is a fun read that can be heartily recommended for the younger set. So, if you care about what you give your children or grandchildren to read, this is definitely a tale worth purchasing for them. Lancette Journal of the Arts
"The setting and concepts behind this story are ones worth pursuing, and Mills clearly has a vision to share. Mills invites her readers to consider the interdependence of all forms of life and to entertain the intriguing notion that animals, too, may have a sense of the sacred." Quill and Quire 
"Mills well-crafted story delivers a very real message about the importance of preserving the natural world: if we do not respect the environment, we may never know what we have lost." Canadian Children's Book News
"In Carew, J.C.Mills explores the interrelation of all living things and the precarious balance and precious link that binds them all. Mills suggests that restraint and preservation is the route by which this balance might be maintained. Manitoba Library Association 


THE STRANGE VOYAGE OF THE RACONTEUR is the story of Joseph Allenby, a young man struggling to find his place in the world. When Joe encounters a crusty old sailor on a mysterious voyage, he discovers a link to the legend of an ancient and powerful relic and is suddenly launched on an epic journey of his own.
"Black-sailed ships, ancient mariners and the mystery of the Holy Grail - this is a tale to read late into the night." John Wilson, Best-selling author of 'Flames of the Tiger'. 
"The Strange Voyage of The Raconteur is a well-crafted mix of seafarers' myths, sailing misfortunes and adolescent fears and hopes. It's a story just begging to be read ...Read it. You'll be thoroughly entertained." Books in Canada
"J.C.Mills has created a masterpiece ... a story for all lovers of the sea and adventure ...full of thrilling twists and turns, keeping us enthralled right up to the very end. It's a great read ...five stars out of five." Kids Wwwrite
"A good read for ages twelve and up." The Toronto Star 
" J.C.Mills, author of the delightful Goodfellow Chronicles, weaves nautical instruction, history and the legend of the Holy Grail into The Strange Voyage of The Raconteur. It tells the inspiring tale of an unbroken chain of storytellers upholding mankind's hopes and dreams against those who seek power over others." Bookloons  


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Judith Christine Mills

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