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"He Who Plants Trees Loves Others" - Obverse

This piece was inspired by the old proverb "He who plants trees loves others more than themselves." The planter of the tiny sapling (as shown on the obverse of the medal) may never get to see the 'fruit of their labour' in it's full glory (reverse scene of an old, giant tree in bloom) But for the selfless and pure of heart, just knowing that others will one day benefit from their hard work and sacrifice is reward enough.  

"He Who Plants Trees Loves Others" - Reverse.

"In the hope to meet shortly again, and make our absence sweet." Ben Jonson - Obverse

The ocean inspires once again! 
Cradling the heart-shaped keepsake that her sailor lover has left behind, a young woman reflects on the promise he has made to her. The wind from the sea blows the curtains open to reveal a full moon behind her and the ocean waves below. 

"In the hope to meet shortly again, and make our absence sweet." Ben Jonson - Reverse.

On the reverse, the sailboat (and the young woman's lover) begin their journey across the waves, under a full moon.

"A Song in the Air". Obverse

A young girl plays the recorder as the notes float high up into the air ... and, on the reverse, transform into a beautiful flock of birds.

"A Song in the Air." Reverse

Judith Christine Mills

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