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The Goodfellow Chronicles - a fantasy trilogy

Mr. J. Goodfellow - painted polymer clay

When young Sam Middleton becomes the first human ever to stumble upon a race of small creatures that have been secretly guiding and inspiring "gifted people" throughout history, a balance of power within the cosmos suddenly shifts. Finding himself drawn into an escalating battle between the forces of good and evil, Sam must make a crucial decision as he embarks on an odyssey that will change his own life forever and even, perhaps, the future of mankind. The Goodfellow Chronicles trilogy is a story of friendship, courage and sacrifice in which a young boy and his unusual companions embark on an epic adventure to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time. 


Book One : The Sacred Seal
At first, Sam's new house isn't very inviting. There are cobwebs, creaky floors and things scurrying about in the dark. But when Sam accidentally encounters Mr. Goodfellow, a distinguished member of the Sage clan, life suddenly becomes much more interesting. Soon Sam and Mr. Goodfellow find themselves sneaking into abandoned offices, outsmarting a devious professor and fighting off the evil Fen as they attempt to uncover the secret behind an old man's mysterious disappearance and his strange connection to a legendary scroll. In the process, a bizarre chain of events reveals that Sam and Mr. Goodfellow's meeting may have more to do with something called the "sacred seal" than with mere chance. 


Book Two : The Messengers

With the end of the school year just a few weeks away, Sam Middleton is looking forward to a peaceful summer - until he receives a letter telling him that Jolly Goodfellow and his young nephew Edgar have disappeared! In this second installment to The Goodfellow Chronicles, readers join Sam and an expanding cast of Sage - a small race of creatures who provide unseen inspiration to humans in pursuit of creative genius and scientific advancement - as they continue to explore the mysteries of a legendary scroll. With a little bit of detective work, and some help from The Sage, Sam quickly realizes that his friends' disappearance has something to do with the scroll and that the scroll itself is linked to England's mysterious crop circles. Foregoing his plans for a quiet vacation, Sam dedicates his summer to searching for Jolly and Edgar. But he isn't alone. The evil Professor Mandrake is searching too, and he has his own scroll to guide him. As the search for the missing Goodfellows stretches from England to the United States, and Sam and Mandrake battle for possession of the scrolls, the reader discovers the origin of these special documents, as well as their importance to the history - and the future - of humankind.  


Book Three: The Book of The Sage
In this riveting conclusion to The Goodfellow Chronicles, the reader is propelled into the future, where the fate of the world hangs in a precarious balance. As the keeper of the last lighthouse on the rugged coast of Maine, Sam Middleton enjoys a peaceful existence. Although he continues to guard the two ancient and powerful scrolls entrusted to his care, all is seemingly quiet in the battle between Sage and Fen. But things are not always as they seem. When a strange discovery on a distant planet exposes an unsettling link between the Sage and their evil enemies, the Fen prepare to strike. Mounting a campaign of deception and trickery, they lure the unsuspecting Sage into what may be their final conflict. The only hope for the future lies with Sam and his young grandaughter, Alice. Join them as they race against time to save The Sage from disaster before their fate - and that of the entire world - is sealed forever.

The Goodfellow Chronicles have been translated into German, Danish, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Russian.

Reviews :

"Action-packed and fast-paced ... this trilogy offers intricate plotting, enjoyably touching interspecies friendships, and a sense that young people have an important role to play in the workings of the world." Resource Links       "Witty, imaginative and ultimately rewarding." Amazon.ca        "Skilled storyteller J.C.Mills' cast of captivating characters and creatures will win the hearts of readers in this intricate, hard-to-put-down fantasy." The Guelph Mercury       "Excellent fantasy." Vancouver Public Library       "An intriguing plot full of twists and turns will grip young readers." Canadian Children's Book News       "An epic tale filled with magic and mystery." Kelowna Capital News        "An imaginative, action-packed narrative. Children who love reading will adore this book." The United Church Observer        "J.C.Mills has created an intriguing fantasy...an engaging adventure. Altogether a delightful read-aloud." Canadian Children's Book Centre        "The Messengers is a brilliant follow-up to The Sacred Seal." Woozles Children's Bookstore, Halifax        "A new, young hero is about to emerge in children's literature, from the imagination of author J.C.Mills." Books for Everyone 

Judith Christine Mills

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