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Miniature High Relief Sculptures :
Based on historical and cultural artifacts 
(dimensions ranging from 2" to 5")

"Louis Riels Buckskin Jacket" painted polymer clay

Louis Riel, founder of the province of Manitoba and political and spiritual leader of the Métis nation, was a passionate defender of Métis rights and culture. After the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, Riel was executed by the Canadian government for high treason. Considered a hero by some and traitor by others, Riel and his legacy represent a deeply divisive moment in Canadian history. This is one of his jackets - fringed buckskin adorned with intricate Métis beadwork. 

"Hudson Bay Blanket with Sleeping Chipmunk" painted polymer clay

A traditional Hudson Bay point blanket with an small admirer.

"General Robert E. Lee Campaign Coat" painted polymer clay

From the U.S. Civil War : This campaign or field coat of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is often referred to as the "Back Porch" coat after he was photographed wearing it on his Atlanta back porch by Civil War photographer Matthew Brady. In the war between the North (blue) and the South (grey) one would expect that Lee's coat would be more distinctively grey, but this is the actual colour - a blue-tone called 'cadet grey.' At the very onset of the war in particular, it was difficult to tell which side combatants were on due to the vast array of colours and non-regulation uniforms being worn, leading to much confusion and many 'friendly fire' deaths.

"After The Sunflowers" painted polymer clay

An homage to Vincent Van Gogh, called "After The Sunflowers" is modelled on the blue jacket Van Gogh was wearing in his famous self-portrait. Included in the bottom part of the coat ('unseen' in the portrait) is a pocket holding paintbrushes and covered in dribbles of the yellow paint he used for rendering his iconic sunflowers.

Inuit Amauti. painted polymer clay

The amauti, a traditional coat worn by the Inuit, is often embellished with embriodery and appliqué. The extra large, fur-lined hood, which hangs down the back, is used for carrying infants and small children.

Judith Christine Mills

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